Defender of Earth

1. / Protection of earth and her nature.

2. / The human being and the animals are in the focus of interest.

3. / It is forbidden to kill human being, respect for animals.

4. / Resistance only passive.

5. / Right to self-defence without weapons, possible are national

Combative sports.

6. / End is to organize a global organisation to protect the earth.

7. / Drugs are not allowed.

8. / Human being have the same rights and duties, they all have the same

End to protect the earth and her natural environment.

9. / Peaceable is obligate.

10. / The symbol is the earth with the headline "Defender of Earth" at the

Left shirtsleeve, at the upper part.

Additional wearing a symbol of the own religion at the front

Shirt collar.

Please help us and organize regional groups.